Imagine yourself...

We take care of the future best by taking care of the present now.

                                             ~ Jon Kabat Zinn


Find the best schools for YOU.


And be open to the adventure of learning more about yourself than you've ever known in the process....

The admissions process is about more than where you eventually go to college. It's a journey of discovering what's really important to you, an understanding of your hopes and dreams, a reflection of where you've come from, and a vision for the future.



Helpful Hints:

  • Create a new email address just for your applications! That way those important admissions emails don't get lost in your inbox. Of course, make sure it's appropriate!

  • Your personal essay should be ... personal! Is your personal essay the best expression of yourself?  Will an admissions officer feel like they have gotten to know you after reading it? Like they just sat down and had a cup of coffee with you? WiIl they be ready to fight for you in a committee meeting because they got to know you and like you?