Think of us as your Admissions Family.  We are here to offer support in this amazing self-discovery journey.  As Independent Educational Consultants, it is our goal to make the admissions odyssey a positive experience.  We look forward to meeting you at our initial conferences and learning more about you as your application safari progresses through your preliminary lists, resumes, essays, applications, visits, interviews, and finally choices. We provide the following services (and more!):

For our local Houston or close to Houston students, we offer the following services in-person:

  • "get to know you" meeting

  • preliminary list of recommended schools based on initial meeting, looking for the best academic, social, and financial matches

  • personality testing to help identify types of schools best suited to your strengths

  • in depth research based on finding the best fits for your resume, your strengths, logistical wants and needs, and personal preferences

  • creating with the student a spreadsheet list of schools selected just for you filled with columns for information suited to your needs

  • help students stay on track and interested while creating a hassle-free home environment

  • common application assistance and other online application assistance

  • standardized testing (SAT, SAT subject tests, ACT, and AP) guidance and advice 

  • personal essay help — from brainstorming ideas to finalizing edited "ready-to-hit-send" finished versions

  • resume writing guidance that presents unique strengths and talents

  • advice on choosing activities and opportunities for building a resume that fits each student's unique personality and interests

  • college visit recommendations

  • interview preparation and practice

  • advice on how to best handle "college conversations" at home and with family and friends, aka "dinner table interrogations..."

  • periodic parent updates

  • final college choice advice 

  • weekend seminars like "Essay Boot Camps" and "Applications and Admissions 101" Camps — be on the lookout for event details on our event page here and on Facebook. Contact us below you if you'd like to know more now.

We are excited to announce that we are inviting students from outside Houston to join our Admissions Family. We look forward to being able to meet students from the entire US and beyond. Carolyn, Sara, and Gisela have all lived and traveled widely throughout the US and the world. Carolyn has worked extensively with international students from all areas of the world for the last fifteen years, while Gisela speaks Spanish and German fluently, and Sara moved from Shanghai, China to Los Angeles, where she provides personal essay help. For our "outside the Houston or Los Angeles boundaries" students, we offer all of the above services via email, texting, and video chat. We will even come visit you for a seminar or application camp if we can gather enough students — wherever you are!  Seriously.  We love to travel.